Saturday, November 27, 2010


Anytime I see a police car it causes me to check my person for stolen goods and concealed weapons. It's true. I immediately go into guilt/panic mode. Today I was out for a walk with Jack in the stroller and I happened by 3 different police cars. Each time I averted my gaze, straightened my shoulders and tried not to look guilty. I was WALKING MY BABY! What gives. I have no idea how real criminals don't break into flop sweat and just crumble on the sidewalk at the sight of the po-po. I guess that's why they're the real criminals, and I'm just a mom who thinks she's going to be arrested for letting her kid play the cupcake game on her iphone for the duration of their 2 hour walk instead of making him look at trees and oncoming traffic.

The reason we were out for the walk is twofold. I've been working like crazy all of a sudden (hooray but also boo). So I feel like I haven't been around at all. Nipper Knapp and I need a date like the California legislature needs to get rid of the 2/3 vote to pass a bill. Too obscure? Fine. We really need a date night. I wanted to spend a little quality time with Jack. Since we've been in our pajamas since Tuesday night, I thought maybe we should get dressed and get out of the house. Oh also, I've already gained 10 (of 12) pounds. EGADS. And before any of you (mom) start hollering that perhaps I was underweight before I got pregnant you can just stuff it. I was exactly in the middle of normal weight for my height with a 20 point something BMI.

baby fat, fat baby

This is information I know, not because I'm obsessed (we don't own a scale), but because I checked on the pregnancy weight gain calculator after seeing my weight at the doctor last week. Is that right?? How could it be? I gained 30 lbs the whole pregnancy with Jack. I've already gained more than a third of that already and I'm only 4 months on Monday. Eek. mentioned I might have gained about 5lbs by now. Maybe more of less by a pound or seven.

I have been so busy, and tired, and barfy, and tired, and HUNGRY since I got pregnant that the truth is, I haven't been exercising much (at all) for months. Not even a walk. So today I decided to get off my burgeoning ass and at least take my kid for a stroll. Only 4 miles, but you know, pushing a 37 lb boy, plus stroller up and down some nice LA hills. We pit stopped at Starbucks for a tea for me, and a vanilla milk for him. Then we went to the park and played grumpy old troll won't let me pass over the bridge for about an hour.

2weeks ago at the Lake Street Creamery truck. Ice cream not helping my cause but SO YUMMY

I'm not really showing yet, just sort of padded all around. I did a job last Saturday where they didn't know I was pregnant. The made me wear control top pantyhose under my tiny suit dress. That wasn't awesome. I kept going in the bathroom hiking up my skirt and doing high kicks to try to relieve that pinching sausage feeling. Did I mention I was in 4 inch heels. DUES PAID. I'm sure the stylist was thinking "size 4 my ass" when she dressed me. Sorry sugar, mama's got to sell stuff on tv just a little bit longer. Baby's gonna need some new shoes too.

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