Friday, May 7, 2010

upholstery mania!

I don't really want word to get out on my upholstery guy, but I have to crow a little bit. I'm not sure how he is making a living wage with what he charges, but until he realizes that he is a national treasure and starts charging accordingly, I'm having everything under the sun re-upholstered.

It started with the kitchen curtains which he made for $200. What?! I know! Ridiculous! 

Then my neighbor put this perfectly good 1950s swivel chair out on the curb, and my mom brought it home. It was in rough shape, but had good bones. I didn't take before pictures because I am a bad blogger, but look at it after, and imagine a pumpkin being turned into a gilded carriage. It was that bad. 

The arm cover rubbed raw on Grandma's chair. Shame...

Nikki's Anthropologie chair that her dog ruined. Boo...

When he dropped off the little chair, I had him pick up my grandmother's chairs, and my friend Nikki's chair. It's like I'm a clearing house for disabled furniture. Nikki was over here last week, shooting her scenes in our pilot, and saw the extra fabric I had from my crazed nocturnal internet shopping spree.  She had a chair that she got at Anthropologie that her dog ruined, but she can't bear to throw away, so she's going to use the extra fabric for her chair. Maybe that's why I ordered it. Somewhere out there I knew an Anthropologie chair needed rescuing.

Amy Butler Full Bloom in Orange

I tried to give him our pouf chair to recover in this fabric, but he thought it would look like crazy town, and encouraged me to find a solid color I like. I demurred because he's a kind old man who transforms furniture for what seems like peanuts, and I didn't want to cross him. But after he left, I thought "crazy town" is exactly the look you are going for dumb dumb. "Crazy town" is what you're all about. So I'm going to take the pouf and the fabric to his shop, and tell him that I know it goes against all good sense to do it that way, but I'm not a well woman, and it's my dying wish... or something like that.

I'm not telling what fabric I chose for Grandma's chairs. It's a big freakin secret. You'll just have to wait for them to be done. Which should be any day now. I asked him to please finish them before my dad visits next week. Otherwise, we'll all be getting very cozy together on the couch.

Oh and also, apparently my second favorite color is orange. I had no idea...


  1. Orange. Wow. Does Nipper know?

  2. Where is your upholstery guy? I need him desperately!!!

  3. His name is Alfredo Lomeli and he is amazing. Tell him I sent you! (323) 263-4976‎