Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Or as Madame Amina taught us today en francais "Bonne Fete de Mere!" Which when asked to repeat "en Francais s'il vous plait", Jack gave Amina a big raspberry. That went over well with all the moms who thought it was cute, and laughed, and I'm afraid may now be his only response "en Francais".

les ouefs

Today was filled with birthday parties for 3 and 4 year olds. We played with light sabers, smashed piñatas, ate cupcakes, ate pizza, double fisted lollipops, lolled in a ball pit for the better part of an hour, sang happy birthday out of key, drove home and collapsed.

We're filming the rest of our Lady Gaga parody video tomorrow, (yahooey!) which should be fun. I get to spend mother's day with some of my best girlfriends, and their kids, dressed in spandex, and pink wig. Who could ask for anything more.

Last night Nipper surprised me with my annual mother's day video a few days early. Every year he makes a 15-20 minute video of all the previous years pictures and videos and puts it to music. Last year it was to "Wake Up" by Arcade fire. This year, he used "Prodigal Son" by the Rolling Stones" and "All These Things I've Done" by The Killers. Oh, and a pretty song by Dick Siegel called "Little Things", that makes me cry and cry, and is the perfect song about love and family. Every year we sit and watch it and laugh and cry, and exclaim that we can't believe how little Jack was, and now how big he is, and what a nice life he has. It's amazing to see a whole year condensed into a few minutes.

We've been struggling with some choices about pre-school, and nanny stuff lately. trying to figure out what is the best thing for Jack, and for our family. It's made for more than a few days filled with self doubt, and frustration. But seeing the video I was reminded that it's what happens here at home, it's the little things that will make up the the sum of Jack's life. So, regardless of where he ends up in school (or doesn't) I'll remember that every day, I'm his mom, and we get to dance (at least for now), and sing, and name our toots "Ashgadodo".

I think we'll call her Bessie

Nipper also surprised me with a salad spinner. I know! It's been an ongoing joke that I've been suffering under the tenure of our previous salad spinner. It was one of those pull string dealies, that was never quite right. It was like trying to wash your salad with a cheap yo-yo. It always unraveled and made this unbelievably loud wrenching noise that never failed to make me curse, and shout "I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE".

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