Friday, May 21, 2010

Someone please explain German people to me

And while you're at it, explain the Playmobil Advent Calendar Police Toy. Police? Advent? Calendar? Toy? Vas da vas?


  1. Ha.. I know it shouldnt be funny. But I love their Circus toys. O.k more than my daughter:)

  2. I love their stuff too. Jack turns 3 in June and I was on utoypia last night spending all his college money on playmobil rescue vehicles and cargo planes. I'm sure he will learn just as much about world history, and 20th century poets, with those as he would have at Berkeley...

    But the popo advent calendar is still as mystery to me. Does someone get arrested on Christmas day? Are there 12 days of crimes? Does the scary police dog sniff the baby jesus' crotch. A mystery.

  3. Playmobil has awesome stuff, but this is just hilarious. I cannot stop laughing!