Thursday, May 13, 2010

hello shoes!

bunny shoes!

Uhm, if you have a daughter, or a friend with a daughter, or really cute feet of your own, you need to see this etsy shop. It's called Hello Shoes and the shop owner has a four year old daughter named Clover, which basically makes me love her and want to be her best friend. I'm fixin to get a pair for Jack's little friend Cleo who will be 3 in a few weeks. But how to choose?! I mean what little girl wouldn't like a pair of Marie Antoinette cupcake shoes? But the bunny shoes are sort of the greatest thing ever. Also I think if you could say a three year old has her own style, the green ice cream cones are right up Cleo's alley. 

Marie Antoinette cupcake shoes

I wish I could wear these cheery rainbow ice cream cone slippers

I mean seriously. I want to put a tiny pair of feet in these and eat them!


  1. This is the way you dressed at 3. Time to have a little one that wears pink. Oh, and I would like the cupcake shoes-size 8.

  2. 1 more reason I need to have a child immediately!!!