Friday, April 30, 2010

Take a step back ladies, he's all mine

I was feeling pretty gross yesterday. We've been working non-stop, and between shooting, I've been living in sweats, and I noticed the other day that the tops of my knees are starting to get this weird wrinkle, and my skin is perpetually so dry it's all chalky, and no matter how much concealer I use I have big black circles under my eyes like Rocky Raccoon but not catchy at all. I was standing in the kitchen singing Mr. Lee by the Bobettes to try to psych myself into a good enough mood to get through Jack's bathtime and bedtime routine, (because there is NO better song for this purpose) when I got an email with a link to this page about supermodels without no make up on, from Nipper Knapp:

Look at them all bobble headed and smutchzy. Don't get me wrong, I know these girls can wear a dress like nobody's business, and that they are all gorgeous, especially Jessica Stam down there in the corner, I mean come on! But en masse like this, it looks like police line-up on pinhead island. 

After mentally trashing beautiful women who are all younger than me (minus Elle Macpherson who btw is  a very tan member of the undead, because that bitch hasn't aged a bit), I felt much better. Thanks Nipper Knapp. I love you just as you are too. Just for that maybe I won't wear my retainer to bed tonight. Me-yow...


  1. I have always believed models are really aliens. I know this to be a fact because I was sent here on a mission. A secret mission to steal brains....oh bugger......*you will forget I just wrote that. You will only remember that you like cheese*