Tuesday, April 27, 2010

omg y'all, it was like crazy up in here

I would like to apologize for my unannounced leave of absence. We shot a pilot. No seriously. Nipper Knapp wrote a tv pilot, and then we decided we would shoot it ourselves. And never having produced anything in my life, save some very small scale still photography shoots, I was all "yeah, that sounds like a great idea!". Dumb dumb. I'm so tired, my hair is sleepy. I've been living on dark chocolate, soy lattes, adrenalin, and love. Sleep and vegetables are so 2009.
That's me shooting my first car scene with a redrock micro eyepspy deluxe steadicam rig. Who knew?!

Every single day for the last week, some new plague has befallen our home. Cough, food poisoning, out of town actors, no show nanny. Fun. We still have one more day of shooting, and one night shoot that will include a pyrotechnics effect, that we still aren't sure how we are going to do. You know, no big deal, just like everyday around here. 

Jack looking all moony at Greg our sound guy in the back of the Prius

As soon as I have 5 minutes, I'll sit down and tell you all about our crazy adventure, how it never rains in LA, how our 2 1/2 year old wants to be best friends with our sound guy, how it takes two grandmas to shoot your own tv show, and how Nipper Knapp is king dreamy on superman island.

In the meantime, I wanted to share two disturbing things I found at Target recently. The first is awful, in a why do little girls need to look like hookers, kind of way. The second is awful, in an oh there are sad lonely cat ladies whose mother's never dressed them like hookers, kind of way. Oh and p.s. I put Fiona on a cargo plane to Oregon to live with my mother today. SO long $400 stray cat, it was nice knowing you. Jack's not too broken up about it, but I think that's because he still thinks that Nana lives in Palm Springs. Just a car ride. Sorry buddy. 

These are teeny tiny, like they would only fit a 5 year old. I love me some hello kitty just as much as the next girl, but seriously?

A sherlock holmes hat for your cat. Of course...


  1. This is hilarious! I know someone who would want that cat hat!!

  2. Press on nails for a five year old? Ooooookkaaay.....

    maybe they have Hello Kitty fishnets, no? those would be so um, uh, useful?

  3. Seriously. Did you take a picture of Fiona in that hat before you shipped her? She did not have it on her when she got here. Only her bikini and orange crocks which she packed away for a fur coat and uggs-45 degrees here.

  4. why did you get rid of fiona?

  5. Nipper Knapp is allergic to Fiona. She would have had to live outside here. I didn't want her to get eaten by a coyote.