Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm getting very sleepy...

Dear Self,

Don't forget to get a door jamb thingy, or a towel, to seal the door to your office. Otherwise, when the gardener comes and he runs the leaf blower outside the door for what seems like a really, really, really, long time, I mean what the hell is he doing out there, it's a breezeway for crying out loud, you will surely suffocate and die from the fumes. And seeing how you can't come smashing through the door choking and wheezing, because you are in fact hiding from your two year old, who if he finds out that when mommy goes to "work", she is really just in the garage, your whole life will come to a screeching halt. Gas mask, wet towel, proper door installation. Whatevs. Make it happen. Also don't forget, because they come every two weeks, and your fragile lungs really can't take this again.

The Lady of the House

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