Sunday, February 7, 2010

underwater glug glug glug

So it's another ridiculously beautiful day in Los Angeles. The sun is shining. We can see the snow capped mountains through the palm trees that are swaying in the breeze. But yesterday we had a little rain. I know. Boo hoo. There was a brief let up and the sun came out, so Jack and I went for a walk up the hill, where we wandered into an open house. This particular house is 300 square feet larger than ours, and though it probably needs $50,000 in work to make it presentable, it's selling for $200,000 less than ours. Boo hoo for serious this time.

 The same people have been living there since it was built in the 50's and you can tell. The whole place needs a facelift. But as we were entering the kitchen I noticed the tile looked like Franciscan Ware Starburst pattern. I was chasing Jack around in his muddy rain boots, so as escaped through the kitchen door, I snapped a few pictures with my iphone. I had never seen the tile before, but it made sense, the house was a 50's modern built here in California where Franciscan Ware was made.

So I went home and did a little research and sure enough that's what it is! Cool! has four of them with the pale pink background, that would make really nice trivets or coasters with a little felted bottom. Or you could track down more and sprinkle them in the backsplash of your very own mid-century kitchen. Yippee!

My Dad has a full set of the Franciscan Starburst that I think he got from one of his aunts. When we moved in here, our neighbor saw my Jadite, and Fiestaware and said he had something in his garage he thought I'd like. He brought over a set of Franciscan Desert Rose dishes. A set of four, complete with coffee cups and saucers. Great neighbors!

So if you're in LA, and looking to buy a mid-century modern house with original Franciscan Ware tile, that's priced for normal people instead of idiots like me,  in a neighborhood with really nice people, come on up the hill!


  1. So I want the house with the starburst tiles. And the bag you made is fabulous.

  2. You made a great find, daughter. I woulld never have thought Franciscan made tiles. I'd create a bathroom around those tiles if I could find them. Your blog made me think of the nice starbrust double candy dish you biught for me. Thanks a lot for that.