Thursday, February 11, 2010

first hair cut

Jack was starting to look less and less like a cute little urchin, and more like a hobo riding the rails. But still, I had a hard time going through with it. He took so long to grow it after all. The dude was bald until he was almost two. 

On some days, he looked like he had a golden fro, and some days, he had matted dreads surrounded by a halo of frizzy weirdness. Not Bueno. On top of that, three different ladies said "SHE'S so cute" in the span of one week. I felt like shouting, "He's wearing a monster truck shirt, and he's ALL boy". But that's weird, and to be honest, he was most likely wearing a french bateau shirt, and knickers. 

So here we go. 

Here's Jack moments before we left the house. Look at those baby curls!

moments before...

in the chair

ok, mom, I'm a little worried now

I'm keeping a stiff upper lip, but where are my golden locks?!

All done!!

Who is this handsome little man? Where's my little mess?

Everyone gets a ride in the bee

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  1. Great looking little man! I love it! Especially the "all done" pic. Good job, Mama!