Friday, February 5, 2010

I don't want to brag, but...

I had so much fun at sewing class last night, and perhaps so much pinot noir and sant agur that I dreamt OPRAH wanted to feature my blog on her show. Yeah, that's how good sewing class was. Never mind that less than 100 people read this thing regularly. I was in such a state of post craft giddiness, that I dreamt she sent one of her minion to tell me that she thought the way that I was always sandbagging everyone was really hilarious (and SO thought provoking) and then she showed me how she was going to cut the piece together. The segment for some reason involved a small African child getting what looked like a paraffin wrap at a spa, and some crafty Pippi Longstocking lookalike tweens in Belgium, who wore hats, that were commenting on my blog. I guess you have to be sort of megalomaniacal in order to be an actor, but I had no idea that my subconscious was this naive. Kind of refreshing really. Most nights my dreams have to do with people making snide comments about my muffin top, and unintelligible scenarios, where I'm in my old high school, but it's NOT my high school. You know the drill.

So sewing class... My friend Betty, who is the uber talented owner of this etsy shop and this etsy shop, mentioned that she was teaching some little girls to sew. My inner dictator burst out of it's shell, and started telling random people all about it, before I asked Betty if she was A)wanting to B) willing to C)wondering if I'm an insane person who will one day leap from my roof shouting I AM A GOLDEN GOD. SO after I had a whole gaggle of ladies on board, I contacted Betty and thankfully she said yes to a big girls sewing class with wine and everything. YAY.

We descended on her house last night and besides learning how to using use the zig zag stitch, and make a pattern, I learned about saint agur cheese. My new/old friend Geri, who I hadn't seen since, I don't know, 1989 (when I was 3, no really...) came bearing the most incredible assortment of cheeses and cookies, and one of them was this saint agur, which I'm sorry I keep talking about in the middle of a post about sewing but holy shit, I DEMAND that you all go out an get some and then get back to me, because I don't know how I made it 35 24 years without it. Of course, now I'm going to have to be extracted from my house by Dick Gregory, but who cares, you only live once.

Ok, so we made tote bags, and even though I hated my fabric when I got there, and thought it looked very Mrs Roper-ish, once it was all sewed together, I actually think it looks kind of jcrew-ish. This is the bag I'd take if I was wearing all white and going to a clambake. I'm also wondering when I became such honky.

Happy Friday!

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