Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Merde Bucket and my pink man cave fiasco

The outside fabric I got at the Rosebowl flea market years ago

finally some place to put my caca clips!

The lining fabric is one of the napkins from Nipper's cousin's wedding last summer

Ok, so you guys know that I hate to brag. But I just made this! Just now tonight! Just sat down and did it! I used the instructions from The Stitchin Chicken. So simple to follow. I made it small with some scraps I had. I didn't make a pattern and didn't make handles because I was desperate to sew something. 

Things have gone off the rails with the pink man cave and I needed something to keep me from tearing every hair out of my head one by one. Last night, Nipper Knapp, our neighbor, and our handy man were on our roof in the dark trying to figure out how to lower a giant cabinet that had to be taken out via the window because the stairwell in our house is too narrow. The cabinet got down only slightly worse for wear, and my marriage is still intact so all in all a successful operation. But the other furniture was not so lucky. 

sure it looks dreamy in the CATALOG

When we got married, almost SIX years ago, we registered for the Bedford collection office furniture from Pottery Barn. We got the whole set, and were so excited to have big people grown up furniture. But it reminds me of this model I worked with once, who was hands down the worst human being I've ever encountered. SOOOOOO pretty, but a giant pain in the ass. One of the file cabinets arrived broken, so the drawers didn't work. Pottery Barn was very nice and sent out a brand new one right away, and even left the old broken one, which Nipper rigged up so that it sort of worked. The finish on the tops of the desks is impossible to clean and looked like hell almost immediately. But they were wedding gifts, and something we never could have afforded to buy ourselves, and I love them, because of that. 

Cut to last night after the roof fiasco, and Nipper text messages me from the garage that one of the drawers just completely fell apart. Sigh... So close, and yet... 

When I went out there to look not only were the cabinets all taken apart with tiny ball bearings all over the floor, but the floor was RUINED. I know I've been terrible and haven't posted any pictures of the room yet. But I had an idea of doing the big unveil, design sponge style. Of course at this rate, we'll all be getting fit for dentures by the time it's finished. I decided to paint the floor white because I'm a masochist. I thought, "I'll put rugs down" and "I won't let anyone wear shoes in there" and "how hard could it be to clean?" Uhm... Maybe I should have started with the first two thoughts DURING the moving in process. It's all chipped, and there are big shoe marks, and It's just all soiled and depressing. 

Tomorrow, I buy a rug, call Pottery Barn to see what they can do about the drawer, and maybe sew 100 tiny little boxes... 


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  2. Sorry about the cabinets and the paint chipped floor-but I hope you had an orange(Pottery Barn) couch extraction also-guests might take up a collection for a replacement. Oh, and the little cloth basket is adorable.