Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holy Shit and Merry Christmas!

So I think I should have gone into another line of business. i.e. the business of being crafty. I could have been one of those quirky ladies at the local "art fair" with comfortable shoes, and an unnecessarily long braid. Oh and I'd use that crystal deodorant and eat lots of hummus to fit in with the other craft ladies...

Here is my tree topper. It really doesn't look anything like the one from Anthropologie. But in fairness, that thing is really freaking complicated, and made from NASA materials. This is my ode to that one. It cost about $30 in materials. So... there's that too. I'm actually not sure I want to put it on top of the tree, because it's so freaking sparkly and pretty, that I kind of want to hang it on our front door to alert the neighbors that someone REALLY fancy lives here. All the more incentive for them to rob us.

In other news, I spent the whole day cooking stuff from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Family Style Cookbook. Poor Sadie, her husband Tom is from Vancouver and his 78 year old father fell and broke his hip while visiting Butte Montana this week. He had supplemental insurance that every Canadian purchases before entering the U.S. It covered his surgery, but won't cover his rehabilitation here in the states. Sadie and Tom can't buy him insurance here, so that he can get well close by, because he has a "pre existing condition". Yay America! So Tom flew up there to get him and his motor home back to Canada two days ago. She and Hattie are flying solo for the foreseeable future. So I thought I'd make some chicken and biscuit stew, and homemade mac and cheese (with gruyere) to tide them over for a day or two. Oh, and did I mention Sadie and Hattie have a terrible cold? Of course they do, because life is HARD people!!!

Ok, I have to go watch the Roomba that Sadie lent me clean my kitchen floor. Jack likes to shout "Go Roomba GO!" when it's cleaning. He's such a supportive child.


  1. Okay, two things: 1) poor Sadie & Hattie! I hope they feel better soon. 2) Absolutely put the tree-thingy on your front door. You make mac & cheese with effing gruyere -- you are fancy!

  2. I love your tree crown, it's also a gorgeous hat.

    Good job on taking care of your friends. You chose the most delicious comfort foods.

  3. My mother's cousin was buried on boot hill near Butte. Killed in a knife fight. He was actually trying to break it up. Life is hard. The lake behind Butte is so polluted the have goose detectors and sirens to warn them.If the land in the "water," the acid eats at their feathers. Butte- where good things happen.