Tuesday, November 17, 2009

smitten kitten

In case you need something frivolous and cheap to make yourself happy today, I have just the thing. Many of you probably already know about this magic, but I thought I'd spread the word for those of you who don't.

Stila makes an eyeshadow called "kitten" and it's pretty much the greatest thing to happen to my face since matte lipstick went out of style. They now have a matching lip gloss by the same name, and lucky you, Sephora is selling them both together for the same price as the eyeshadow alone ($18). 

I wore them yesterday to my auditions, and in the span of an hour, two separate actresses said to me that I looked "fresh, and clean faced". Uhm, just so you know, we don't usually sit around at auditions and compliment each others faces. I mean it's not all cat fights and stare downs, but wow. I would like to thank Stila for bringing out the kindness of strangers in a cold cold world. 

The color supposedly works on anyone as it's pretty neutral. I found out about it from my friend Kelly who couldn't look more different than me. SO, get yourself to the Sephora website, and freshen up your face! 


  1. will it work on someone who looks like a 12 year old Italian boy?!?

  2. or someone who looks like Ramona Quimby, age 8?

  3. done and done. i wanted pink, but didnt know what to get. then your glowing recommendation sprang into my head. so my little fingers clickety clacked through the sephora website and my kitten is en route. i am so excited!