Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm just trying to by my baby a new pair of shoes. Mea Culpa

I'm playing the mother of newborn triplets and a four year old in a commercial this week. The real mother looked at me and my skinny jeans and then she punched me in the face (in her mind...)  I don't look like a supermodel, but I'm nowhere near what I looked like after giving birth to Jack. When I was 26, I played the mother to a 12 year old boy in a yogurt commercial. A few years ago, I auditioned to be the wicked mother of a man who was my SAME age. This business is super helpful to women, and their view of how women should look. If I see one more face botoxed beyond recognition, I'm going to barf. LADIES: it doesn't look better, or normal, or "fresh". It looks WEIRD!!! Skin doesn't look like that. Sorry that I contribute to some of these images. But someone's got to pay the mortgage. 

Obviously, I should have gotten a PhD in romance languages, and gone on to be an interpreter at the UN, but ladies and gentlemen, I decided to sell stuff and be pretty as long as nature would allow. I see the bite coming, don't you worry, I see it. 

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