Monday, August 3, 2009


I wish I knew how to say uh-oh in a few other languages. The drama of the unpainted bathroom continues. After all the back and forth between me and nice people at the durable supply company, about the silver marker, my woes continue.

With a whole lot of wiggling the marker does in fact work, but just barely. The gold marker that I purchased at the same time, glides right across paper, and the watercolor comes out evenly. The silver marker comes out in fits and spurts, and only if you press with all your might, and the sponge nib flakes off into the paint. Not pretty. I would need a bionic arm to finish the tiny bathroom at this rate, and I'm afraid it would still look like mierda.

As I was painting, the nannny came in with Jack, to inform me that the sandbox he'd been playing in all day was filled with cat poop. FILLED WITH IT. Not to be histrionic, but, kill me now.

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  1. While your post's title immediately intrigued, I didn't expect it was to be taken literally. Yikes.