Thursday, July 9, 2009

Je suis not smart

SO I had a little correspondence with the durable supply company about the non functional marker, for the bathroom project, and I'd just like to say first off, in my defense, I am not usually a quitter.

When you order something off the internet, you never know what kind of customer service you are going to get. It might be some great mom and pop type place, or you might be entering into Bangladesh call center autobot hell. Durable supply falls into the former category. They were awesome. First of all they sent me a new marker the day I emailed about the first one not working. No questions asked. When I emailed about the replacement marker not working, they opened one from the same box, and tested it for me. As in, a human being, who was in the same location as their product, went into a room, and checked it out for themselves. Dude! They reported back that it did indeed work, but required all kinds of wiggling back and forth, and you had to press it down for a crazy long time. I worked on mine for about ten minutes, and finally got it to work, and then I felt like a jerk for being such a nuisance. This website is awesome, and their customer service is incredible.

So now there's no excuse to not finish the bathroom. Except, I need to pay some bills, call our broker, talk to my baby, seduce my husband, dye my roots, pack the entire family for our upcoming trip to Michigan, and, that's it. No problem. Pictures up as soon as it's done...

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