Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zap! Pow!*#@%!! Bif! Bash! Thwonk!!!

That's kind of what our little vacation felt like. Like a crazy scene from a comic book, filled with action, and a knock out punch at the end. I'd like to thank Northwest airlines for loving our family so much, they held us in the sweet embrace of their airplane, an extra hour and change. And how can I forget to thank the gentleman with whooping cough, for sitting next to us, and reminding just how important it is, to get those vaccinations. I'd also like to thank paramount limousine, for losing our reservation, and not sending a car to the airport. It really made for a thrilling end to our trip. And scene.

Our trip to Michigan was filled with 1000 little memories, that my brain is still trying to sort through. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, not sure where I was. In a fog, I tried to remember where the bathroom was, and if it was worth, getting out of bed to find it.

I'm a little behind on work, batching all the photos from Todd and Anne Marie's wedding. I'm sitting here waiting for the computer to think, and I stumbled upon this little essay by Lori Leibovich in Real Simple Magazine. It made me kind of misty, with it's acknowledgement of the nostalgia, mixed with mayhem, you often feel as a mom. Oh, and the love of a good glass of wine. Just thought I'd post it, since I'm too jumbled up to write down a thought of my own today.

More soon, on all of our adventures, and the backdrop photos from the wedding!

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