Monday, July 20, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Saturday night we turned on the local NBC news around 11:15, because we were getting set to watch Saturday Night Live. We were all chatting, and no one was really paying attention, until the anchor who happened to be wearing a shiny taupe suit, with too small lapels, started a delightful segment, we'll call "Dear Detroit area residents, we know you are stressed out, so here are some friendly reminders, on how to get on in the world, without further damage."

The segment was actually entitled "DANGEROUS FOODS TO EAT IN YOUR CAR WHILE DRIVING". And the list goes as follows:

coffee, tea, other hot liquids
hot soup
barbecued foods
fried chicken
jelly or cream filled donuts

I can imagine the production meeting on this one.

"Let's say hot liquids, and foods that require wet naps after eating"

"That's not specific enough. We have to give some specific examples"

"What about hot soup?"

"Let's put chili too"

"Isn't that a hot soup?"

"No, chili is more of a stew"

"Should we just say stew?"

"Heck no Marjorie, who eats STEW in their car?"


The piece was followed by a bit on an edible bikini, on a swimsuit model somewhere. The anchor tagged that piece, by saying he wasn't sure how much it would cost, or if it would even be available to purchase.

Say YES to Michigan! Say YES!


  1. I can't tell you how relieved I am that you posted this! My husband and I heard the preview for this segment this weekend, but we MISSED THE REPORT! We totally guessed tacos.

  2. Depending on if it's being used or not used, I guess, even after being used, it would seem to me the edible bikini should be on the list, too.