Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't go in there!

Shitsticks. This does not bode well. I ordered a marker. This is what arrived via fedex. It's roughly the size of a shipping container. I'm too afraid to open it. This whole project has been doomed from the start. I mean, maybe it'll be a nice kind of surprise. Like maybe what's in that box, is a whole new bathroom, or a replicant of Jack who is already potty trained, and likes to rub my feet.

I'm about to board a plane for San Francisco, where I'm shooting the wedding of the dear Ms. Hopper, and her un-bride husband to be. My heart can't handle one more crack, pre-flight. I've never spent more than 12 hours away from Jack, and I'm a little concerned that my sobbing might disrupt the wedding ceremony. Just kidding, I'll wear a muzzle. However, if I was to break my wrist, smashing my fist through the bathroom wall, all would be lost. So for now, the jinx stays in the box.

Wish me luck, and stuff.


  1. It's a very large box. Best to not open it and enjoy the drama of anticipation. Although, I suspect you've already opened it.