Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

My big brother sent me a text the other day, regarding an exchange he had with my 5 year old niece. She is the honeycrisp apple of my eye. I thought I'd share this little gem:

Anoushka: how high can an eagle fly dad?
Me: about a mile I guess.
Anoushka: if we took all the feet off the dead people on earth, and stacked them up, would that be a mile?
Me:......sure, sounds about right... Bloody weirdo.

The next day, he sent this follow up:

Anoushka's mom: Why would you take the feet off Anoushka? They would stack better with the feet on.

In fairness, my sister-in-law is a doctor. So maybe that was just her professional opinion, you know, since she's an anatomy expert. But still, I told him, he'd better sleep with one eye open.


  1. That's nothing. My friend Karen's 3 yr-old has started walking around repeating "You wanna piece o' me?!" Really.

  2. How many feet in a mile,Dad?