Friday, June 10, 2011

White gold, Texas tea...FREEDOM!

I am in love with my new baby. I want to nibble his toes, and run my fingers over his velveteen bunny soft head. But I also want to go see Tree of Life, go back to work, and take Jack to a birthday party. Since Charlie came out like a linebacker he eats ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it's every hour. Which is fine. I'm happy to do it. With Jack it never made sense to me to pump, because he was always with us. I never wanted to be away from him for a second, and could never get into a rhythm of when to pump, and when to nurse. It always just seemed easier to nurse. So I never pumped. Plus the few times we did try, he wouldn't take a bottle. This time, I'm determined to make it work. I am shooting a wedding in July, and have to be able to be away from him for 8 hours that day. I'll have to find a time to pump, which is kind of stressing me out, because you know, it's not like I'll have a coffee break, it's not a regular job. But like I said before, THIS IS GOING TO WORK! 

This is what I take for freedom now. Getting up in the middle of the night to let my husband give the baby a bottle so I can pump. Going to shoot a glamorous wedding, and trying to find a quiet private place to hook myself up to a milking machine. 

Motherhood is complicated. Duh. I didn't go back to work for 4 months when Jack was born, because I couldn't fathom being away from him for a moment. Now I don't know how I'll go back to work, even though I feel more ready, because I can't figure out logistically how to make it work. Two kids, one nursing, one husband, no gardener (that's on me), no babysitter. It could be worse. I could have a real job. MAJOR FUCKING KUDOS to those of you who do. I bow to your mommy prowess. You can slap me for complaining if and when we ever meet.

I just pumped my first bottle, an hour after Charlie's morning feed. I'm worried he's going to wake up hungry five minutes after I pump and I won't have enough milk...Complicated. 

For you moms out there who pumped and gave bottles, how did you do it? I'm...uhm...asking for...advice...sshhhh...


  1. Hi there! (I know it's been a long time since we met in person but we go back to PiHi days and our dads are like best buds so hey!)

    I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in for the pumping thing. I actually was forced to pump in addition to nursing because Julia wasn't getting enough milk just from nursing - she would get too tired and was not gaining weight even with marathon nursing sessions.
    So I had to try to nurse her 10-15 minutes each side and then immediately pump. Then for the next feeding, I would nurse, give her the bottle of pumped milk from the feeding before, rinse and repeat. This helped get my supply up and also gave her more milk each time to ensure she was gaining weight. it ended up being about a 45 minute cycle for me, 24 hours a day. That. Sucked. But it didn't last for too long. She never had the "confusion" thing happen - she easily would take the bottle and also easily nurse. It was ideal because I had a supply on hand in the freezer after a short time and then was able to leave and she took a bottle from anyone within 2 weeks.

    Not sure if this helps or not but that's my story! Hope all is well - Charlie is an absolute doll!
    -Erika (Olson) Myers

  2. Theo was in the NICU for the first week and I pumped and fed so when they wouldn't let us in (strict visiting hours - it killed me) she'd have a bottle of my milk given to her. At the hospital they provided what looked like an industrial era torture device but what was really a very effective electric pump. I pumped after I fed and the let-down would just happen. They say the more you feed (or pump) the more you produce so even if he feeds both sides per feeding pump right after, or you can wait half an hour. But your body *should* produce when requested - i say should only because I know that doesn't always happen. It's good to start early though. i think it stays in the freezer for a week. I used those mustela bags but they probably have much niftier stuff out now. Good luck! I know it's not easy. I could never even remember if the safety pin on my nursing bra meant that was the side I just used to feed or the one I should start on. I was constantly feeling myself up, weighing the sides for volume. Not too bad at home but pretty humorous out in public.

  3. I mean it stays in freezer a month, I think. And I also want to add your boys are the cutest!

  4. I pumped almost immediately after my second one. I just added a feed daily. What I mean is that Vera (my girl) would wake at around 7 for her first morning feed. I would wake up at around 6 and pump every morning and then do her regular feed. She fed longer for the first few days but after a while it was like nothing ever happened and I had the motherlode of milk. Advice would be if you are going to do it, just make it an extra feed every day. Your breasts will assume it is needed and make more and baby won't go hungry. And you can stockpile like crazy. It will keep longer than a month in a chest freezer.


    here are the storage guidelines. my doctor told me the easy way to remember and play it safe is:
    pumped milk at room temp - 4 hours
    refrigerated milk - 4 days
    frozen milk - 4 months

    i agree that adding a feeding is what works best. build your supply and you will be so happy. i have about 6 bags in the freezer and can't wait to start using them.


  6. The pump-one-extra-feeding per day is a good method. I pumped (and happened to get a lot) so fed some from bottle and froze some and it all seemed to work fine. You'll probably discover the best time of day to do this depending on his/your schedule. Mine worked out to be mid-morning. I think if he is such a good feeder he prob won't have an issue taking a bottle and you should produce enough - but every baby is different (duh). I'd definitely try it on some regular basis to give him a chance to get used to the bottle and if he is picky about the kind of bottle and nipple. We never had a problem with nipple confusion etc. Our little guy was happy to have the milk whichever way he could get it.

    Good luck figuring out a system for pumping the 8 hrs away at the wedding! BTW I just read the chapter in Bossypants about breastfeeding and it was hilarious. So true.