Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi. How's it going?

Here's an exchange Nipper and I had last night after the kids were both asleep (thank you god for that hour).

Nipper (cooking a grilled cheese): Why is it so different between 1 and 2?

Me: Because we're doing man on man coverage. And it used to be just one, so when one of us was with Jack the other one was getting a break, and now there's no respite, there is always something that needs to be done.

Nipper: I was talking about the hood vent on the stove... Level 1 is barely anything, and then level 2 is like a jet engine, but then there is no difference between 2 and 3. 

Me: Oh, I thought you were talking about our children. 

Then I ate a bowl of chocolate cheerios the size of my head and went to sleep at 9:07pm. 

Does anyone want to lend me their maid/nanny/personal chef/ assistant/pool guy/ gardener/ house painter/ doula/ masseuse/ hair dresser/therapist? Thanks...