Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm going to make like 5000 of these (sorry Nipper)

I was cruising
design sponge last week, and I found this bird mobile in their DIY section. It's from a fabric shop in Philadelphia called Spool. They have the pattern for the birds that you can download as a pdf. I'm kind of obsessed. I made two so far with bits and pieces of fabric I had laying around. I have mountains of fabric laying around, and I will apologize to no one. I had to stuff mine with cotton balls because when I sat down to sew, I forgot that I didn't have any cotton batting laying around, and I wasn't going to venture out into the inferno to get it. For those of you who live under rocks, or maybe my blog is the only source of news you have, Southern California is on fire, oh and Barack Obama won the presidency last fall. I'm sure some genius over at Fox news will find a connection somehow. Don't fret.

Here is an incredible view of it:

And here is a shot of it from the bottom of our hill:

Ok, so mine look like shit. They are overstuffed and look like they're on steroids.

I can't figure out how they got the ends of their tails to sew up so neatly. Mine are all Edward Scissorhandsy, like most of my sewing projects. I think my blog should be subtitled "memoirs of a craft disaster". I suck. I'll keep trying. The word of the day on Sesame Street was "persistent". Man that show is inspirational sometimes. Except when Baby Bear is on. That kid's a real downer, and a bad role model. Hate him.


  1. These will be perfect in the birdcage bathroom. (Is that project finished yet?)

  2. ok, those are cute...but i have d*s...

    too much enthusiasm for this one.