Friday, September 4, 2009

Can we just talk about a few things?

First of all, no one has any money right now. This I know. And I think it's just plain mean for designers to keep coming out with cute things that they KNOW we are all going to want to buy. Bastards! Since having Jack, and buying a house, and contributing to a retirement fund, so we don't end up like Jean Valjean, I don't have a lot of money laying around for pretty things anymore. There was a time in my life when I thought it was a totally appropriate treat to buy myself an $700 handbag, because I thought "Hey Sassafras, you've earned it". How I thought I had earned it, I'm still puzzling out, but none the less, my life was filled with pretty little treasures.

Nowadays, I'm agonizing over the sale prices on baby clothes, and trading in my former trinkets for new drywall, and better plumbing. But there are few small things, I've decided I can't get through the winter without, and I thought I'd share.

The first item is a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs tights. Sadie saw them in the runway show, and emailed them to me. Both of us figured they would never actually sell them in the store, and they would just be another awesome runway accessory that we'd have to dream about. Last week, Sadie got a call that a dress she had ordered was in at the MJ store. Since it was more expensive than their usual stuff, she asked me to come along and tell her if it was worth it. It was a lucky day for both of us. The dress was cute, but it wasn't cute enough for what they were asking. BUT, there on the wall were our tights! We took a pair in each color into the dressing room and tried them on. They are thick like leggings. half silk, half cotton. They look like raggedy ann, dressing for fall. I got the turquoise and she got the violet, and we swear we are going to share them. RECESSION LEGGINGS!!!!

The next little treasure only set me back about $6. It's a new color by OPI called Russian Navy. I like to keep my nails super short because I can't stand the feeling of them catching on things, they don't chip as easily, oh, and, I think it looks tres chic with a dark color like this.

The next piece, is a little bit of a splurge, but it was heavily subsidized by a birthday gift from Nipper's mom (thanks Meema!) They are made by Fiorentini + Baker, and they are apparently very well made, but I don't really care about that because they are cute, cute, cute. Nipper Knapp asks me how things are going on Tatooine when I where them. Sometimes he just shouts "Luke, I am your father" as I pass by. What does he know. Sadie got them in dark brown, but I couldn't resist this delicate grey suede. SO girly for a motorcycle boot.

The last item up for bids is so pretty that my chest actually hurts a little bit when I look at it. My chest also hurts because of the hefty price tag and the knowledge that this little doodad will not be keeping my wrist warm this winter. J Crew is offering this through their personal shoppers. It's $2800. Which is, I'm told, a GREAT price for a vintage Rolex. Whatever. I had to include it anyway. I'm not usually big on jewelry. I'd rather accessorize with shoes, or a scarf, or a toddler. Also damn you all the hell J Crew. Quit trying to ruin my life...


  1. *blowing into microphone* this thing on?

  2. HURRAH IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again I will say that Fiorentini and Baker are geniuses and I STILL hate u for showing me that watch......I'm off to J.Crew..........