Sunday, February 6, 2011


I made another one. But I have a good excuse. Nipper Knapp went to NYC last week for meetings with some networks, and productions company's about our show Gentrification. One of them wants to see what it looks like as a movie. So I'm putting together a little picture book sort of dealie about the characters in our show, the locations, etc... I don't know if it's marketing, or production design, or just gluing stuff and using photoshop, but I love this shit. 

The next project Nipper Knapp wants to shoot is set in Idaho, and has a scene that calls for a scene where kids are having an art fair. When he told me he needed me to make some "projects" for the scene, I tried to not to be giddy. One of them includes a scale model of downtown Boise. Architectural models that looks like a 5th grader made it?! "I'M YOUR GIRL!" I shouted, twirling, and tossing my hair tie in the air. 

So for this one, I wanted something else besides the Gentrification cover shot that we used for all the NYTVF materials last year. I still love that shot, and the wooden Nipper Knapps that we had made, but I think we need something fresh. Oh and I was already thinking about making this for our front door, so...  

It's a luchador wreath that says Bienvenidos (welcome in Spanish). I wanted to make something for our house that was pink (for me), but had some dude stuff too (luchador). 

Ok, back to cleaning my office. It's going VERY slowly. As soon as I get one little corner finished, there is some new pile behind a curtain. Oh and I have to stop and eat, sleep, and care for my family from time to time, might be weeks. I actually can't believe they can do one of those episodes of Hoarders in 1 or 2 days. My office isn't nearly that bad, and it's taking me weeks! Part of the problem is that, I'm cleaning other parts of the house too, and everything ends up on my desk. Maybe I'll start piling stuff up on Nipper Knapp's side of the bed and see if he notices... "What that stuff? Just the Christmas decorations that you forgot to bring the box up from the basement for. Huh? No, I'm not in any hurry, you can just leave it there on your pillow. LOVE YOU" 

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