Saturday, February 5, 2011

My most sincere apology

Jack did a puppet show for me at school on Friday. The lines were "Ugh, this play is SO boring" 

Today Jack and I had our first playdate EVER. That's not completely true. I mean we've gone and played at other people's houses, and had lots of kids over here, but like, the neighbor's house, or something like that.I have never in the entire history of his little life, called or emailed another mom, and said, "hey, let's get the kids together." Ever. And I have never used the term playdate, because it's dumb.

So now that Jack's beloved Cleo has gone and ABANDONED (just kidding Brett, not really, a little, come back!) for San Francisco, we need to get us some school friends up in here. I worked the holiday wreath sale for Jack's school with the mom of a little boy named Thomas. He is only at school one of the days that Jack is there, but like Jack he seems a little shy, and his mom is nice, so... playdate. 

We met at the park, and within minutes the boys were playing Batman and Robin, and finding sticks to use as guns, and swinging, and happy, and when they sat down on a bench to have a snack, Thomas said "we're best buddies". Normally I'd say "easy sizzler," but I was too filled with relief to be sarcastic to this particular 3 year old. After the park, we went to Heirloom bakery where we ran into the awesome Bob of Smacksy fame. I talked to his dad about maybe having an At-At battle sometime soon (ka-ching playdate! I'm getting really good at this!) 

But before we ran into Bob, and before we got our lunch, we ran into Kathy Baker. She was walking out, as we were walking in, and in my head I thought "WOW, Kathy Baker, she's AWESOME", but Thomas' mom was talking to me, and the kids were weaving in and out of our legs, and talking to us at the same time, and instead of stepping aside when she tried to get by with the person she was with, I completely blocked the path, trying to listen, and pay attention, and not reveal so early in the relationship that I am a terrible person. Usually I'd say something like "oh I'm sorry", and make the "what are you gonna do" face. But my brain, now addled by pregnancy and socializing, froze. I said nothing. 

As I'm writing this, it occurs to me, that it wasn't Kathy Baker at all, but maybe Jane Curtin. I know they don't look anything alike at all, but both of them are awesome funny actresses who I love, and my mind can no longer work out small things, like famous people being individuals. Also she was wearing a large sunhat.

So to any of my readers who are friends with Kathy Baker/Jane Curtin, please tell her I'm sorry it's not my fault, I was under duress. And also, I loved you in Edward Scissorhands/Kate and Ali. YOU are an inspiration! 

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  1. All playdates should include AT-ATs and Heirloom Bakery.