Tuesday, February 1, 2011

27 bras

This is NOT my dainties drawer. This belongs to some very fancy organized lady. 

Sorry I've been so bad at posting. Nipper Knapp was in NYC two weeks ago, and I was sick with the flu, and then he came back, and then Jack got the flu. Now Nipper Knapp is back in NYC for meetings (go Gentrification go!), no one has the flu, and I am on an organizing tear. 

I cleaned out our closets and got bags together for goodwill, for friends, and a GIANT box of clothes and shoes for Nipper Knapps niece Arden, who is 12 and gorgeous, and going to look so cute in all the stuff I can't fit in anymore.

I discovered something sort of disturbing when cleaning out my drawers. I'm always thinking "I need new bras", and "I don't have any good bras". I wear the same bra almost every day, and god forbid they discontinue it, because I'll DIE. I have a pale pink one, and a black one, and I wear them every day. So I was very surprised to discover that I have 27 bras. 27!!!!!! That's not including the nursing bras, of which I have 7. I wear one of them. But what do you do with old bras. I have bras that are cute, but no longer fit right. I have super sexy bras that cost a fortune that I've worn once. I have bras that I got in 1992. 


  1. same boat here except one nude, one black

  2. I take my old bras, that still are in good shape, to Goodwill. Surely someone's boobies will need support.
    I have 3 bras that are comfy. The other 2 don't fit anymore due to the lack of boobage that keeps melting off and landing in my middle section. I need to go to the Boulder Holder Store, but right now paying the bills and groceries is at the top of my priority list. It's a good thing I have packing tape, because if one of them dies on me, I'll have to resort to that.