Friday, October 23, 2009

The Mini Social

Dear Internet,

Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow morning. It's my morning to get up with Jack. We are on an every other morning routine around here, so that at least one person gets some sleep every night. So tomorrow is my morning. It's also the morning of the Mini Social sample sale. Realizing that everything good will be gone if we don't get there first thing, Sadie has agreed that I have no choice but bring Jack with me.

I know what you're thinking. Taking a two year old to a sample sale is about as smart as the Vietnam war, and possibly as deadly. But I have modern weaponry that I think will help me prevail. I downloaded The Iron Giant onto the iphone, and I'm packing a giant bag of goldfish crackers and dark chocolate m&ms.

If things get ugly, if we get pinned down in the oeuf baby section, or hung up by some nattering Brentwood moms, I'll just smoke some weed and call Oliver Stone.

Peace be with you...


  1. Found your blog on fbook. Have a friend who is a fan- except, can't remember which friend. Anyway, excited to be following :) Very entertained by your "About Me" section!! :)

  2. Mom here. Jesus was born about August 26-Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus. However, your Celtic roots run deep-winter Solstice-a most important nordic/Celtic holiday-the shortest day of the year-the beginning of the return of the sun-that is most likely your love of the Christmas season. The church stole a pagan holiday in December to join the solstice celebrations. Same thing with Easter. Spring pagan celebration.

    Your kitchen looks fabulous. So glad you moved the microwave. And yes, I think that new room is for your creative projects, and the murphy bed for Nana. Wishing I was there to get up with Jack everyday. GOOD MORNING NANA. A very cheerful little person at 5 AM.