Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Urban Farming

So I got it in my pretty little head that this family needs to start growing it's own fruits and vegetables. Partly because if Nipper Knapp and I have one more conversation about the price of blueberries, and how they're cutting into my Marc Jacobs handbag budget, I'm taking the gas pipe. The other reasons of course being, eating local, and lowering our carbon footprint, whatever that means.

So I enlisted the help of my visiting father, and together we built a raised bed big enough to bury Andre the giant. It's 3'X8'X24", which I now realize is ridiculous. But when my dad kept asking me at the lumber yard, why I was DEMANDING it be so big, I said "duh, so the food plants don't get crowded". Also, by we, I mean, he built it, and I stood around blowing bubbles with Jack. 

I'll post more photos once we actually have plants planted. I have dreams of garden dinners with fresh petite pois, and sliced melon from our own harvest. I also have dreams of a magic plant that delivers village pizzeria pizzas right to my door.

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