Friday, May 29, 2009

Free birth control, fertilizer, and other mind blowing perks!

So this week I got to thinking about a few of my babyless friends who have asked me in the last two years, "How is it? Is it hard? Do you love it?"  Here are a few tidbits to elucidate the joys of parenthood.

For the most part, it's the most overwhelming feeling of love, and pride, and ooey gooey all encompassing smoochiness. Most days, I have to restrain myself from trying to eat Jack's face. I'm not a cannibal, but now I see how it could happen. Just one little cheek. But there is a dark side. 

Three days ago, Jack went up to his friend Cleo's house to play. It was the first time that Nipper Knapp and I have been alone together in the house in TWO YEARS!!!! So take a look at your husband, or boyfriend, or wife, or girlfriend or Oprah, or whoever it is you're thinking of have a baby with, and know that it might be a LONG time before you are able to, you know, sit on the couch naked in the middle of the afternoon and eat cheesy poofs. Or whatever it is that got you thinking about baby making in the first place... 

Tuesday night was also special and romantic because Jack pooped on our bedroom floor, stepped in it, and crawled into our bed, spreading his poopy goodness far and wide. I'm just sayin...

The above pictures were taken in his bath 7 minutes before the poop on the floor incident (his first, and I'm hoping last). SO as you can see, it's complicated.

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