Friday, May 22, 2009

My eyes were bigger than my bed

So, uhm, I was at the nursery, and thought, I have this HUGE raised bed, and I have to fill it with wholesome organic goodness. So I bought one of everything. I've got three types of tomatoes, two types of blueberries, two types of raspberries, three kinds of peas, pickling cucumbers, strawberries, two types of pepper (habanero, and thai) rosemary, sage, thyme, basil (genovese and thai) dill, lemon balm, and fennel. Oh yeah, and CORN!!!! I bought 24 corn plants, and then realized that realistically I have room for about 6, so I gave one pack to Roberto, the guy who does everything around here, and one pack to Brenda, our life saving babysitter. I'm going to give the last pack to my friend Sadie to plant in her new garden. 

I have a feeling in about 3-4 weeks, I'm going to have to move a few things into pots of their own, or fly old Peepaw out here to build another bed. Even in they're plant infancy, they are looking a little crowded. I also realized that I completely forget to get peppermint, and cilantro. How will we ever go on??? Dad, start looking at tickets to LA!

I tried to get Jack to help me plant a few things, but mostly he was interested in shaking the dirt out of the empty pots, and filling his dump truck with stuff. SO much for botany 101. Now he'll never get into college!!!

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