Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have to make lists for everything now. The groceries, Jack's school things, bills that need to be paid, everything. If it's not written somewhere, I forget. So in honor of that, and because I figure I've got an hour before Charlie wakes up, and Jack and Nipper get back from swim class, and I need to fold the laundry, and eat a bowl of cheetos, so my ability to muster original material is limited. 

Here are two of my lists. The first one is a list of the most often used phrases in our house this week. The second is a note that was generated on Facebook. Someone sent it to me, I can't remember who. I wouldn't say they aren't exactly fascinating, but they are random...

Most used phrases in the Nipper Knapp household this week:
My cooter hurts
Pull it down, you don't want it to grow out crooked!
Where the fuck is that fucking soothie?
I love you Jack Knapp
No you can't touch them, and they're on loan
Nipple trauma
I love you Charlie
Is that normal?
I love you Nipper Knapp
Do we love them? Yes we do

25 Random Facts about me

1. I love cinnamon ice cream, and really miss this place in San Francisco that made it right there in the shop. I ate it almost every night for 2 years. Yum!

2. I went to boarding school in Maine when I was 15, but ran away twice, once when I hitch hiked to Connecticut, then Boston, where I pan handled for money in Harvard square, then hopped a bus to NYC, then to Michigan, where, upon my arrival, my mother had me brought in by the police, and promptly sent me back to Maine. I stayed there another year and a half until my senior year when my Cuban boyfriend I ran away, slept in the woods, and then took a bus to Miami. My mother let me stay there for one whole week, before she sent for me, and I finished high school at the local catholic school in Ann Arbor Michigan

3. I was a really good kid

4. No seriously, it was just a weird time in my life

5. Becoming a mother is the best thing that every happened to me. I laugh and cry way more often.

6. I love sushi, but hate cooked fish. I could eat spicy tuna rolls, and salmon sushi at every meal. But I hate mercury poisoning so I don't

7. I love Jack White.

8. the greatest disappointment of my life is that I can't sing

9. When I graduated from college, I decided I wanted to learn to tap dance like Gene Kelly, because I loved him just a little bit. So I took tap class in a weird abandoned factory in San Francisco. Can't tap a single click. Another artistic tragedy.

10. I don't like humorless people or liars

11. I think that people who are really good at what they do are sexy

12. I can't hear Django Reinhardt music without dancing

13. I don't believe in god, but find myself praying sometimes anyway

14. I love cats, but hate their poop

15. I would really like someone to teach me the dance that Beyonce does in the video for "all the single ladies"

16. I used to think that I was a realist, but I'm starting to think that I might be a misanthrope

17. Nipper and I eat dark chocolate of some kind every day. I need to eat more vegetables

18. I love to flirt, but think I might have forgotten how to

19. I hate how much I love TV.

20. I have become obsessed with a quaker preschool that we can neither afford, nor, probably get into.

21. I love shoes. I used to have several hundred pairs. But I've had to cull my collection due to the ONE closet we have in our house.

22. I wish I new how to build things, and sort of want to be a set designer when I grow up.

23. I think Mary Louise Parker is sexy

24. Nipper Knapp saved my life

25. I'm a mac


  1. Mrs. James Cooper :)May 31, 2011 at 4:10 PM

    I just made homemade Cinnamon Gelato served with Sugar Cookies! Never had any sort of cinnamon frozen treat before, actually quite delicious. Just reminded me that its locked in the cold cold freezer and I must let it out to enjoy a nice warm place, like my stomach. Neglect.

  2. OK. . . We need Lisa to get us together. We've got a LOT in common. We should invite ourselves over to her house.
    (I'm the mom who met you with Lisa on the corner on Thursday.)