Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dude's Weekend!

Nipper and Jack set out yesterday morning for a wedding in San Diego. Nipper was the best man, and Jack was along for the ride, because I was all "oh hell to the no, I'm not having a baby on the 5 freeway, San Diego, or anywhere in between..." Sadie came over and we had a sleepover, just in case the baby did decide it was time, I wouldn't have to call the weird neighbor who takes his teeth out when he gets home from work, to drive me to the hospital. 

Within 3 hours of leaving the house Jack had his first temporary tattoo. I've spent 4 years protecting him from the existence of this particular plague, and there it was, a Thor tattoo on my baby's unblemished arm. "That's doesn't go with his seersucker suit" I thought. But the rules of dudes weekend, are like the rules of fight club. I didn't have a leg to stand on. I was lucky I was even being kept in the loop on the debauchery. Oh and he got the tattoo at the movie Thor. They went to see THOR at 11 in the morning. Nipper is clearly trying to follow in the rebellious footsteps of his own great dad, who took him to see Sharky's Machine when he was 11. I'm guessing this early exposure to the nitty gritty of man world, is what  made him such a lamb. (That's right I just called him a lamb. Deal with it)

They sent pics all day, while I napped, sewed, ran errands. Sadie and I went out for dinner, and watched "My Cat From Hell". We talked until midnight, and slept in until 9. Perfect. When do we get to have time with our girlfriends like that? NEVER. 

I guarantee you we looked this glamorous while watching My Cat From Hell last night

Seeing my handsome fellas in their matching seersucker playing, and being guys, basically made me feel like my heart was being squeezed just a little too tight. I can't believe my baby is old enough to be out in the world with his old man, my sweet husband. They called me at 11pm on their way back to the hotel. This is a kid who sometimes falls asleep on the couch at 7pm. He had a backpack full of light sabers (it was a fun wedding), and sounded completely content. This mother's day they gave me the greatest gift a mother could get. A little time to myself, a great night of sleep, and the knowledge that my little man is thriving in his little world. Happy Happy Day. 

Now if his little brother could make his way out of uterus today, I'd, you know, appreciate that too. C'mon baby, help a mama out! 


  1. This was the best Mother's Day present ever-what sweet pictures of your sweet guys. And a fun memory for all including you and Sadie.

  2. I gave him 5 more tattoos and I'll happily give him more the next time I see him. We are light saber buddies now....we are brothers in arms!!!