Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jack had his end of the year parent teacher meeting a few weeks ago. The kid's doing just fine in case you were worried. His teacher says he's often passive in conflict situations, and we should allow him to solve more of his own problems. You know, to build confidence in this arena. I know she means, let him punch a kid in the face once of twice for taking his toy, just to see what happens. But I figure it's good for him to be more autonomous in other areas too. So I've been trying to get him to get himself dressed, pick his own clothes, blah, blah, blah. He's a boy, so 90% of the time he doesn't care what he wears. My friends with girls say outfit changing happens 3-100 times a day. Around here, we're lucky if we can get him out of his jammies. "Why would I take off these super comfortable clothes to put on other clothes just to play?" He's right too, but SOMEONE around here is a stickler for the rules and not walking around looking like a hobo. Hint: it's not me. 

To that end, I took him with me to get some things he needed for school. This is what happens when you let a four year old pick out his own water shoes: 

This makes me question if he's actually my child. My eyes are burning from their hideousness. And of course he wants to wear them every day now. ALL THE TIME. FML. (that was for you Nipper Knapp). He might as well have just punched me in the face. 


  1. Ok, so T picked a blue version of this hideousness last year during water-play......they were especially eye searing when he wore them WITH his jammies leaving grandfolk's house....but here's the secret....they reeeeeeek after a few weeks. Like dead roadkill. So SHUCKS, you have to get new ones when mommy is out alone shopping. Darn. Of course T's blue ones are still at the bottom of the closet cuz he couldn't part with them....i'm not that mean!

  2. He actually may be my kid. I just bought bright pink sneakers and they make my eyes hurt. We should probably get a DNA test. I mean......Jack and I do look very similar.

    VIVA THE HILL!!!!!!!