Sunday, December 19, 2010

Problems white people have at the Bauer Pottery Sale

For years I've gotten emails about the Bauer Pottery Sale, and for some reason I never made it over there. I have a piece or two, but I've always wanted a patio filled with jardinieres, and a kitchen filled with Winnie the Pooh style honeypots. So last week when Sadie told me they'd be having a 30% off their normal sale prices, I had to go. It was dreamy.

I bought a few gifts, but was completely torn about a butter dish. We have this fake jadite butter dish that I got years ago, that's all cracked and chipped and weighs 900lbs. It's pretty, but I keep thinking someone is going to end up with a sliver of glass with their toast. There were two butter dishes, both orange, one round and one rectangular. The round one was so unique, but was I really going to hunt down tiny round pats of butter? Also the little knob on top wasn't nearly as satisfying to grab as being able to palm the entire top of the rectangular one.

Dueling butter dishes.

The rectangular one is perfect with one minor exception. It's small. It only fits a half stick. Organic butter only comes in whole sticks. European butter and Tillamook come in half sticks. I paced the showroom looking at other things, while agonizing over this small dilemma that made me feel like a super honky. Do I contaminate my family with god only knows what kind of hormones contained in non organic butter so I can have a perfect butter dish, OR do I just get the organic butter and simply cut in in half before I put it in the dish. Sophie's Choice...

I have no use for these bitty ramekins, but I want a while shelf full of them

Sadie's basket of treasures. She got gifts for everyone!

She decided on a little tower of ramekins for her friend Kristen of Krev jewelry. What a fashionable way to organize your beads! 

I wanted so badly to buy one of these canoe planters for succulents, but I had to restrain myself!

Look at this wall of spice pots. Want. And the honeypot cookie jar...swoon. 

Look at all those cheery orange and yellow mixing bowls! They'd be so cute in my orange kitchen!

I have a dream of some day having a patio filled with Bauer jardinieres. But with one boy here, and one on the way, I had visions of soccer balls smashing these to pieces. I'll wait until they are in college.

How much do we love these colors!

Ok, I know I showed them already, but sersiously?! Orange mixing bowls! SO PRETTY! Note the Russel Wright pitchers in the background. 

This is whwat we saw when we walked in the door. It felt like Christmas morning.

Finally perfect candle holders for the adorable Ana Candles Nipper Knapp's mom gave me.

Look how happy butter looks in it's new home! 


  1. I went to the sale last year. I was paralyzed by all of the goodness and came home with nothing.
    Oh, the shame of it...

  2. This would be highly dangerous for me.

  3. sophie's choice is right! i think i would've chosen the round butter dish. does a whole stick fit in there? i know "LURPAK" would have, my favorite butter. mmm...