Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Here's the first in the handmade Christmas gifts this year. I can't really post the rest until Christmas day because it would spoil the surprise. (This is in the hopeful wish that my family deigns to read my blog)

I am not a good seamstress. If forced into sweatshop work I would surely be punished severely for my uneven stitches and sloppy seams. But I can't stop sewing. I keep thinking I'll get better with time, but I think it's just in my nature to not care too much about the details so long as the whole looks semi-alright.

I made a lap quilt for myself this spring that I love. It might be my favorite thing I've ever made. But again, I didn't have a piece of batting that was the right size, so I put two pieces in there. I also didn't sew the batting into one side so it would stick to the edges, so I had to sew all kinds of crazy lines across the middle. I don't care. It adds to my blankies "character".

When my niece came to visit, she liked my crazy quilt and asked for one for herself. So that's what she is getting from me for Christmas. I embroidered fairies and mermaids on it so as to distract from the sloppy stitching. Did I mention she really likes pink? I love her. I let her choose the fabric. If I feel up to it I'm going to make a matching quilt for her American girl doll. (kill me) It's in some small measure better than the one I made myself, but in other ways, much worse. Oh well, she's 7. She won't know until she's older just how bad it is...


  1. Way to go, Mar. Your quilt, however badly stitched you think it is, is an amazing gift. She will LOVE it.(I decided not to give my very awfully tensioned stitch apron today and opted for a fire truck floor puzzle. I need more practice! )

  2. Hi Marija, it's Annie Clayton writing as Anon. (forgot my password),
    I am sure you probably are, but thought I would not assume (because too many teachers have warned me what that will do to you AND me), and ask...are you familiar with Maira Kalman? If not, she is not only a children's book author/illustrator of wonderfully quirky, adult slanted ( but in a good way) children's books, that have details you are still discovering after the 30th reading, BUT she also has multiple collections of odd things AND embroiders her artwork onto linen.
    If you do know of her, isn't she GREAT?! She is my idol.

    This is all to say that your quilt is really wonderful and reminds me of my idol, Maira Kalman.

  3. Oh Annie! I love Maira Kalman! I heard about this exhibit on NPR a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to go see it yet. What Pete Ate is one of my favorite books. Jack doesn't care for it, so I just read it to myself from time to time.

    THAT was the nicest compliment ever. I also love Jenny Hart who featured the thing on Kalmans exhibit. She's a genius, and taught me how to embroider.

  4. wow wow and WOW!!! the quilt is gorgeous!! so beautiful. your niece is a lucky lucky kid. but wait, are you trying to steal my auntie of the year award? cuz, this quilt sure does make it seem like you are putting yourself in for the running and by gosh that is supposed to be MY award!!