Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everybody. I hope you and your children are so hopped up on cheap candy and scary stories by 8 o'clock tonight that you all throw up. That's what I did on my first Halloween night out. I was probably 3, maybe 4. I made it 2 houses, promptly barfed and was taken home. I get excited about holidays. Which is why I've been listening to my Christmas Pandora (I'll post it to my FB page after this post, it's mostly classic Christmas like Ella, and The Rat Pack) station for weeks MONTHS. I try to hide it from Nipper, but last week I was caught in the act listening on my iphone while getting ready for an audition. Nipper Knapp is disgusted, but I remind him that the holiday spirit is the only thing that warms his wife's cold cold heart.

But here's what I'm really excited about this scawy holiday eve. The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. No shit. I'm's true. I went to Target to get candy for the zero tricker treater we're prolly going to have tonight (we live on a big hill, and today's kids, including mine, are lazy), and I bought this thing. FINALLY I can use my organic, overpriced, great smelling cleaner, (or just vinegar and water) to clean my floors. Yahooo! Plus I can wash the mop pad in the washing machine.

What's spooky about this is that I'm really excited...about a mop. True story. Kid's be telling it round the camp fires for years to come.

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  1. Ok, so fellow Nerd Mom here (new to the Mom part, but nerd's old hat to me lol) anyway this thing is AMAZING!! I love it~ I get super excited about cleaning gadgets, kitchen gadgets and all other gadgets if it makes my life simpler I am all for it bonus points if its environmentally friendly. The lower floor in my house is mostly tile and this handy thing is earned its keep in my cleaning arsenal. I keep it in the kitchen pantry because my wonderful man is a slob and drips all kinds of food stuffs on the kitchen floor all day long. Trust me, you'll be singing praises around that campfire...