Saturday, September 4, 2010

flop house

heather ross frog prince fabric 

Our house is made for comfort. I'm all about flopping down on stuff, and I always want it to be soft and cozy. There are lots of ideal napping spots in our house, and out in our garden. Not that I ever really get to nap, but a girl can dream. As soon as Jack started toddling around, we got rid of our bed frame, and box spring, and put the mattress on the floor. We wanted him to be able to climb right in, and not worry about him falling off when he was jumping around.

Our bedroom is almost completely white, with a few SUPER pale peachy pink accents, like the curtainss, which look off-white unless the sun is shining through them. I was fixing up our habotai pillows from pottery barn last week, taking off the ripped up quilted side, and replacing it with old sarong fabric, and some Heather Ross Far Far Away Frog Prince fabric. They looks so yummy piled on the bed, and I like how they're all mismatched. 

But now I've become smitten with the idea of making a headboard for our bed out of the Frog Prince fabric. It's called a "double gauze", which looks exactly like what it's called. It's got a slightly visible gauzy weave, but it's not too thin. I'm a little worried it'll sag some as a headboard, because it's not a super tight weave, but I think I'm willing to risk it. It would look so cozy, and dreamy, and make out mattress on the floor look a little bit more like a grown up bed, instead of a place to crash in a halfway house. 

p.s. I'm going to use this video from Design*Sponge as a tutorial. Except mine will be straight, not curvy. 


  1. Good instructions on Design*Sponge, and you may or may not know this, but make sure that you start stapling in the center and work your way out to the sides. That way everything lines up beautifully. I enjoy reading about your DIY projects. Good luck with this one.

  2. Even though I can't do this, I still love seeing the change and the ideas. I'll do it, one day?? Could happen.

  3. Your ideas were excellent. I'll be looking forward for the photos of those changes you were able to captivate. Good luck to you and to your family, I bet you'll be able to do that great design and make your room more comfortable as it is.