Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Tanks LA!

I am better person than all you MF-ers. Learn it. Know it. Feel it in your bones. I'm just saying. For the last few months I have been hauling two 5 gallon buckets of  Jack's bath water down the stairs and out to the garden every night. I've been doing this partly because our sprinkler system does not extend to the beds in the front of the house, or the raised bed in the back. Partly because I want to save water, due to the drought. And mostly because I want to develop wicked biceps. 

A few days ago, our neighbor gifted us with a small pump. I ran a hose up to the bathroom window and perfecto! No more filling and hauling sloshing buckets. But I still had to empty the water somewhere. Enter Hey!Tanks LA to save me from myself. I emailed them on Thursday, and picked up my rainbarrel in Eagle Rock on Friday. I am going to hook it up to my downspout, just in case it ever rains here in LA again, and then run the hose from the bathroom into the barrel as well. Nipper wants to plumb a line straight from the drain into the barrel, but given our past plumbing nightmares in this house, and that greywater systems are not currently code compliant in LA county (even though we're in a drought), I'm not sure about that yet. 

SO there it is, we're saving somewhere around 100 gallons of water, or more, a week. Saving some money. Saving the planet. I'm kind of the greatest person you know, right? 


  1. You are the greatest person we know, Mar, and the smartest. KH

  2. That's a big step above and beyond trying to be green, good for you!