Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

So a few months ago, Nipper's mother (affectionately known as Meema or Meems) and I were shopping at Michael Levine, for fabric to make tablecloths, and a backdrop, for the photo booth, at Nipper's cousin's wedding. We were making our way through the airplane hangar sized shop, carefully taking iphone snaps of anything we thought they'd like, when we stumbled upon some cute upholstery fabric. I said it would make really cute kitchen curtain fabric, and Meems quickly noted it would look great in our neighbor's (Brett and Alex) kitchen. We almost bought it on the spot, but then realized that making kitchen curtains for someone else without asking was, uhm, presumptuous. So I took a pic, and got a swatch to show the neighbors. 

Long story short, they loved the fabric, so I went back to buy it. They had these cute little lace pieces hanging in the windows, which were nice, but offered no shade from the late afternoon sun.


Now all I had to do, was learn to sew curtains. Uhm, yeah. Did I mention I have never sewed anything but a square baby blanket on my machine? Just four square lines. I have a habit of committing to jobs, I don't know how to do. A few years ago, I was the recruiting director for one of the top law firms in LA. It lasted about 36 hours. It turned out, there was filing involved. On day two, I never returned from lunch.  

As with all home improvement projects, I had a number of hiccups along the way. No sewing experience being the least of my problems. When I went back to buy the fabric, they only had 3.5 yards left, which I wasn't sure was enough. Then, with as little fabric as I had to work with, the tiny swatch I had cut out, had to be sewn back into place, to have the width to finish all three. 

When they were finally finished, the hardware I purchased didn't work correctly, and Alex had to purchase a whole other set. Just two trips to Michael Levine, one trip to Home Depot, one trip to Lowes, and one trip to a local hardware store. Ala peanut butter sandwich and we have curtains!

It was all totally worth it, because I learned to sew curtains (sort of), Brett and Alex are happy, and lookie lookie:

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  1. Can I be you when I grow up? You're the coolest nerd-mom I know.